STL Candidates Adam Troy & Lloyd Taylor have slammed the proposal to build a Prison in Warnervale.

Mr Taylor said  “We call on the state Govt to put a moratorium on this project until there is an elected Council in Place.”

Mr Troy  said  “We are outraged that Council would even consider this proposal.”

Mr Troy said  “Council must come clean and release the plans for this Prison”

Mr Taylor said  “We are on the Local Representation Committee which is supposed to provide council with feedback from the community, but this massive proposal was never brought before the LRC. Ian Reynolds & Rob Noble should resign.”

Mr Taylor said  “We are calling a public meeting onsite for next Saturday 13th at 1:00pm on site. This is a shocking mother’s day present from Council and again I reiterate that Noble & Reynolds should resign.”

Mr Troy said  “Both major political parties are as bad as each other, The Liberals wanting a Prison here and I don’t hear any opposition from Labor.”