ettalongEttalong ChannelThere is only one entrance to the Brisbane Waters and it is now so dangerously choked with sand that people’s lives are at risk.
Central Coast Council has an underutilised dredge sitting in the Wyong River which should be used to clear this problem at least as a temporary solution! The Ettalong to Palm Beach ferry service carries over 200,000 passengers each year. If it runs aground during a heavy swell the situation could be potentially fatal to those on-board. If nothing is done the ferry operator will be forced to cancel its service which will impact the social and financial well being of our community!

This disgraceful situation needs urgent rectification!
Years of procrastination and blame must end now! The same dredge could be used in the Woy Woy Channel & other areas within the Brisbane Waters that need urgent dredging such as Cockle Channel, Lintern Channel, Saratoga Channel, Hardys Bay and Paddys Channel. Sand nourishment could also be undertaken for Ettalong Beach to remediate current erosion! The Coastal Zone Management Plan for Brisbane Water Estuary has been collecting dust since 2012 when it was adopted by Council and certified by the Minister.

Its about time Council took the Plan off the shelf and action this!
The Plan took 10 years to develop and calls for extensive dredging of Brisbane Water!
As usual, all plans and no action! If we don’t act quickly the Brisbane Water System will fall to a level of neglect from which it may not recover.
The Brisbane Water Estuary at present is in a sorry state! High levels of silt & sediment build up, questionable water quality, outrageously high levels of water pollution following storms and useless pollutant traps that have failed to curtail all pollution but for floating plastic.

Let’s get our beautiful Brisbane Water cleaned up now by the small dredge from Wyong!
We are one local council area now and our combined assets should be for the use of the entire Central Coast Region.
We may need to get a larger dredge for the entire coast into the future so as to keep all of water ways and beaches open, clean & safe for all but right now we need ACTION!